why would homeaway send me anywhere?

6 01 2009

I ask that in response to HomeAway’s recent contest, in which people are to blog a reason that they should get a $5000 vacation, and readers vote on the winner. I don’t get it, I mean why on earth would I want to have a website send me on a free vacation to my dream destination of Australia, when I am just about to finish up a most exhilarating Iraqi safari!

This tour in Iraq has been such a blessing to me. What, with all the sleepless nights, annoying tasks, weather extremes, terrible food and non-presence of hot water!I have seen so many beautiful places over here, including my more than likely future home, consisting of a palm leave roof, bamboo walls and tiki torches as lights, in the middle of a war torn village. Still hashing out the details on the whole fire code issue, but it will be great. The smokey air has made me never want to breathe another breath of fresh air. I just would not feel safe anywhere else, I need the constant buzz of warplanes and attack helicopters flying by to let me know I’m ok.  The locals are very friendly, especially as the drive by in their trucks staring at you with loaded weapons in their hands. So come on, what more could a guy ask for than a 15 month excursion to Iraq, right?

Oh I know, I know!

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Please please please send me to this beautiful condo property in Sydney, Australia! It would really mean so much to just be able to relax in an exotic destination with that special someone. I have always had a desire to visit the beautiful country of Australia, but never the time or money. I feel this may be my chance, to just run away and have fun for a while. I’m excited to come home for sure, but not ready to get back into everyday life just yet. So help a soldier relax, and win a free vacation to his dream destination with his dream girl. It would be a dream come true. Dream….

*All described feelings for Iraq were completely false and irrelevant….I hate this place! Really!