The sun is good for something!

The sun is good for something!

My name is Thomas. I am your awkward and retarded moderator. This blog has no particular purpose what-so-ever, except to let me express to you things that I see and do that are also awkward and retarded. Born in Maryland, stationed in Texas, serving in Iraq, and claiming Arizona as home, I have seen my fair share of coast to coast and middle east crap! Now it’s time to share. I will include past stories, present stories, and things that entertain me in an attempt to entertain you.

I am currently four years into a six year sentence with the Army. OK, that’s not fair. I did sign up for it, but if I could unsign, I would be looking for the line. I’m just about to finish up a 15 month deployment to Iraq, serving as a helicopter mechanic at a wonderful facility known as Baghdad International Airport. So wonderful in fact, I can’t wait to leave.

In all seriousness though, anything I say in here is not meant to offend, that much.  I am very grateful to have served with the men and women that I work with. They are all like family to me, and all the memories, both good and bad, will always be remembered. Everything, retarded or awkward, is always a learning experience. Life lessons are very valuable.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think about my writing, contact me, or more simply leave a comment. I love attention.

Also, be sure to visit all of the great links I have posted on the right. These sites provide great entertainment, and who knows, you might just like it. You only live once, and they are just a click away.


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