come on, really?

9 02 2009

If we only have to work half days until the boat with all of our stuff gets in, does it really have to be the early part of the day? I guess I shouldn’t be complaining, I mean it is a half day after all, but you make it so much more uncomfortable to stay out drinking all night when I still have to get up at 7.  Hangover central…it makes sitting around all morning so miserable.

This past weekend has taught me to steer clear of a few things. Mind erasers, liquid cocaine, and store-front windows.

  1. Mind Erasers – taste like maple syrup and go down smooth. However, don’t be fooled, as they will actually erase your mind.
  2. Liquid Cocaine – THIS HAS JAGER! I absolutely despise jager and any thing associated with it. This includes jager bombs and people obsessed with jager. STAY THE FUCK AWAY!
  3. Store front windows – Kicking these and yelling profanities at the items displayed in said windows will undoubtedly attract law enforcement attention and at minimum a stern yelling at.

Not to mention a 2 day hangover. You learn something new EVERY time.

I enjoy leaving you all in suspense with random details of a story about my friday night. Imagination time.

Off to another tangent, I hate having to deal with car dealerships. My car is having problems right now, and it is still under my extended warranty. Somehow I feel like that doesn’t mean anything to them, like the last time I was there. They seemed to try and play me for a fool, and give me the run-around, and I caught on and took care of that. Cheeky bastards! I called to make an appointment, and gave them my last name, and the woman said “are you Thomas” in a sort-of “we’ll get you this time” tone. I’m going to go in there throwing axes and other sharp objects. OK, maybe they weren’t hostile towards me, but you can never let your guard down!




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